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Morgy's Musical Summer

By Maggie Lewis

If you are looking for a fun summer this is it. This book was wrote in April of 2008.

Morgy thinks Outlook Music Camp is a long way to go to get good at the trumpet. It’s almost in Canada! But Colonel Profundo gave him a “promising beginner” scholarship. His friends, Byron and Clara, are coming, too. Dad says, “It’s not just for trumpet, it’s summer camp and you’ll love it.”

Dad’s right but he doesn’t know the half of it. There’s canoeing, swimming, soccer and wild games of musical chairs. But there’s also Damian, oboe prodigy and bully. And Byron and Clara are in band while Morgy’s stuck in orchestra, playing a solo. What is Morgy supposed to do if he can barely read music, he misses his dog Dante and his cat Pancake, his best friend is in love with their trumpet teacher, and he sees soldiers in three-cornered hats sneaking through the camp at night?